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2ndLt. William Groom "Bill" Leftwich Jr. (USMC Photo)
A memorial monolith and tennis park was dedicated to Lt.Col. Bill Leftwich Jr.  in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee that's located in Audubon Park. The large plaque's lofty tribute ends with these poignant words: He died because his concept of duty called for his personal attention to the needs of his men in trouble. (Photo by Dan Kellum)
Major Bill Leftwich Jr. served as an advisor to the Vietnamese Marine Brigade in 1965 earning a Navy Cross at the Battle of Hoai An and numerous other medals. (USMC Photo)
Former Commandant of the Marine Corps Gen. James T. Conway presents the 2006 Leftwich Trophy to Maj. Matthew W. Tracy as Ross Perot looks on in the background. Perot's Foundation endows the trophy in honor of Lt.Col. Bill Leftwich Jr. (USMC Photo)
Lt.Col. Bill Leftwich Jr., left, gives a briefing at 1st Marine Division Headquarters in 1970. (USMC Photo)
Col. Bob Fawcett stands next to the 9-foot tall bronze Leftwich statue sculpted by Dr. Felix Weihs de Weldon, the sculptor of the magnificent towering Marine Corps War Memorial in Washinton, D.C. The statue is located in front of Heywood Hall at Camp Barrett on the sprawling MCB Quantico, Virginia base where all second lieutenants attend The Basic School to learn the fine art of war. (Photo by Dan Kellum)
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Lt.Col. Bill Leftwich Jr., left, gives a briefing at 1st Marine Division Headquarters in 1970. (USMC Photo)
Lt.Col. Bill Leftwich Jr., 2/1 CO, promotes six new first lieutenants in August 1970,  L-R, Ed Leonard, Mike Cross, Gil Robinson, Leftwich, Denny Kerrigan, Dave Mize and Bob Fawcett--four colonels and a general came from this group.           (Photo Courtesy of Bob Fawcett)
Lt.Col. William G. Leftwich Jr., right, CO, 1st  Recon Battalion and LCpl. Jake A. Switzer Jr., a  team radioman, examine the contents of an enemy  supply bag following an emergency extract 13  miles southwest of An Hoa. The supplies were  being carried by two enemy soldiers killed minutes  before the Recon team was extracted by a HMM-  263 Peachbush Sea Knight helicopter. (This photo was part of the display of the Leftwich  Trophy at the National Museum of the Marine  Corps at Quantico, Virginia in 2010---MDK)  (USMC Photo by Gy.Sgt. D.L. Baird)
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Midshipman William Groom "Bill" Leftwich Jr.
U.S. Naval Academy Yearbook for the Class of '53, Lucky Bag